Feeling Harassed

Never in my life have I felt so objectified and harassed then at my job as a host at a resturant. Coworkers from previous jobs have assured me that the resturant business is filled with creeps, pedos, and pervs.

Being a polite person, I try to engage in some kind of conversation with all of the employees, including the 41 year old busboy and 36 year old table runner. All they ever spoke of was how “cute” I was. They seemed to only be able to make comments about my appearance.

I tried to get them to talk about anything else, but it was futile. Were their skulls filled only with air and their lives only scheduled with work and creeper-time? It appeared so. And it was sad.

Scary as well. I asked the busboy to not touch me. Granted, everyone there is very handsy, but only in the friendly way of a slight touch for an apology or a tab on the hand at a joke.

He would pinch my side or rub my shoulders. He would stand behind me and say hello or tap my shoulder so that when I turned around I bumped into him.

When I told him for the second time that “I would rather not be touched”, he leaned into me and said, “Why? Why are you so scared?” My heart started racing and I squirmed away. He left and I started crying.

Why do I cry so easily?

When I calmed down, I explained by predicament with the other hosts and later told the busboy to “piss off”.  Feeling harassed is not a good feeling.

I am now just pissed at this guy. I shouldn’t have to feel as though I need towatch my back at work. For a short time I considered quitting. I refuse to let his sad, immature behavior control me though.