I’ve been reading a book on budhism. Okay, I read the first quater of a book on budhism a month ago. A portion discussed how attachment causes suffering. Along the same lines, I have this buddhist quote on Pinterest as well as painted into my quote book that says something along the lines of “everything has a beginning and an end. If you can make peace with that then you will be happy”.

When I read about attachment causing suffering, my immediate thought was that I wasn’t attached to anything. All of my possessions could be burned in a fire and I would be fine because I would still have me. Last week I realized that it isn’t just attachment to things, it’s attachment to events and to outcomes.

I was in the yoga studio, which happened to be empty, in the middle of a nice practice when a hoard of kindergarteners came screaming into the room from the back door. This is a possible occurances in any of the YMCA rooms during the summer with summer camps and what not going on. Annoyance bubbled up inside me. I had no right to tell them to leave, so I rolled up my mat and grabbed my shoes.

This wasn’t the first time this had happened, and on the other occasions it had, it ruined my day. Well, at least it put me in a very bad mood. Why? Because I had planned on some yoga practice in that room for a certain amount of time with a nice view of the lake. I was attached to that outcome.

As I was angerly yanking my shoes laces together the connection between this anger and attachment became clear. If my attachment to that event was “causing suffering”, what would non-attachment look like? I tried to detach myself from my planned yoga practice.

“Okay, I can’t have the yoga studio. I’ll just go home and practice some yoga.” Our air conditioning was broken that day, so it made for some nice hot yoga and good stretching. Letting go of that event instead of clinging to it turned my day around. The idea of non-attachment makes even more sense to me now. However, it seems to clash with my commitment mantra for the coming years. So now I am trying to work out how these two can work together.